Invest In Your Own Success

Admissions coaching is an investment in gaining a competitive advantage for admission to a top ranked school. We help you to move closer to your goal by applying more than fifteen years of professional admissions and essay coaching experience to transform your application from average to outstanding!


  • Personal Service: We are not an editing factory and do not outsource or use essay templates of any kind. Work with us from anywhere on Skype and by email. We help you to get it done at your pace.
  • Strategic Approach: We help you to tell your personal story in a way that shows your experience, preparation and character and that demonstrates your readiness for academic and personal success at college.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Services are provided with fast turnaround times of 24-48 hours. Join the thousands of happy clients that worked with us and got admitted to a great school, not just a good one.

Your Essays Need More Than Just Editing

Choosing a qualified admissions coach or editor for your application essays is a major decision, especially over the Internet.

You must first decide what you actually need help with. Do you just want to validate that your essays are already great and answer the question? Or are you seeking to improve your essays and raise their impact on the reader?

If it is the latter, ADDMITTO is the right solution for you.

Our experience is that most applicants submit essays that they think are great but that often fall short of helping them stand out in the applicant pool. For this reason, just editing an essay for grammar and spelling does not add much value to your application. It is more important to engage a consultant who can work on your admissions essays and improve them together with you in a strategic way.

Make sure that you are telling admissions the right story and getting the full benefit out of your application essays. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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Thousands of Success Stories

“… You helped me to change my SOP and show what I learned from my work experience rather than just talk about what happened. I also think your interview coaching made a huge difference for me to get admitted. Thank you so much”

Jimmy W. from Shanghai — Undergrad at Yale and now an MBA at Harvard Business School (also offered admission to Wharton)


“My SOP and other essays are now TOTALLY AMAZING!!! Thank you for pushing me this has made a HUGE difference!”

Cathy B. from Seattle — Undergraduate at the University of Washington and now a graduate at Northwestern Medill IMC (her dream school with scholarship).


“I wish to highly recommend working with John. He helped me to see why my essays would not get me admitted to the best schools and showed me what I needed to focus on in my essays to show the right experience. He worked magic on my whole application essays.”

Name Withheld International Student — MS Finance at MIT


“Thank you so much for helping our daughter with her application. The work you did was excellent (and sorry it was a bit difficult) so lets start working on our son’s application for college next year.”

Mrs. Lena H from LA — Daughter was Early Action, now studies Undergraduate Biology at Stanford.


“I knew I was very borderline but I was hopeful. John helped me to show my strengths and why I should be admitted to CMU.”

BD from Mumbai — Undergraduate at College of Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University


“My low GPA turned out to be no problem because my essays showed that I had ideas and a plan to carry them out. The Skype interview preparation was excellent and I learned a lot. I highly recommend getting some help with your application, in my case it made a big big difference”

Kent L an International Student — Graduate Program in Economic Policy Management (PEPM) at the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) with scholarship.


“ I never though that playing the piano could be used to show that I am a good candidate for math at MIT. It was hard to believe it at first but I will be back for more help when I am applying for my graduate program, thank you very much.”

Winnie T from New York — A Piano Prodigy and now a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics at MIT


“Williams, Pomona, Amherst and Brown. OMG I got offers to all of these schools!!!

Mandy D from Beijing — Now studying at Williams College