MBA application essay editing and MBA interview coaching

MBA Essay Editing and Interview Coaching

Full service MBA essay coaching, essay editing and proofreading for your Statement of Purpose, MBA Essays, Supplemental Essays, Recommendation Letters and Admissions Interviews

The Essential
MBA Essay Review

A Good Choice

No editing. Your MBA application essay is complete and now you need an experienced set of eyes to read it over and feedback about 200 words on the way you present your ideas. You improve your essay and submit it. Fast turnaround times.


    • USD 109.00: 550 to 1200 word SOP or other Essay
    • USD 79.00: 250 to 500 word SOP or other Essay

Hight Impact
MBA Essay Editing

A Great Choice

Editing for content structure and clarity, impact on the reader, grammar, spelling, sentence flow. Feedback of about 250 words on how to improve your essay. Two edits. Once your essay is ready you submit your application. Fast turnaround times. 


    • USD 109.00: 550 to 1200 word SOP or other Essay
    • USD 79.00: 250 to 500 word SOP or other Essay

Full Impact
MBA Essay Coaching

Your Best Choice

Not sure what you need to cover in your MBA application essays? We start with a discussion about your experience and how it should be presented in your essays. You write your MBA application essay, we edit it and get it ready for you to submit.


    • USD 650.00

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Admissions Interview Warrior

You have aced the essays, now ace that interview.
Interview coaching sessions are offered on Skype and last 70-90 minutes
to practice how to answer potential interview questions.


• USD 199.00 


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Good Strategy Helps Get You Admitted to B-school

MBA admissions look to admit candidates that show a good fit with their MBA programs. Make their job easier by submitting a Statement of Purpose and other MBA application essays that are organized and get to the point.

Avoid the 'no' pile by working with us to develop a comprehensive MBA admissions strategy that shows the school why you are a good candidate for their MBA program.

We help you choose what to put in and what to leave out of your MBA application essays and help you connect the most important aspects of your character and experience with success as an MBA candidate.

MBA Application Essay
Coaching & Editing 

Gain an advantage over other MBA applicants with our MBA application essay coaching, MBA essay editing and proofreading services. 

Submit a top-notch Statement of Purpose and other MBA application essays that get you admitted to the best MBA programs possible. We know how to transform your academic achievements and work experience into a set of MBA application essays that show your character, preparation and properly connect your study and career goals.

Get some coaching on how to write your application essays or use our essay editing and proofreading services to make sure your essays are strong and leave the right impression on the reader.

Prepare to Ace Your MBA
Admission Interview

Make sure that you look as good in person as you do on paper. Learn how to answer those B-School interview questions in a way that shows the interviewer that you are smart, professional, and confident and know why you should be admitted to their MBA program.

No matter your MBA interview is with alumni, a professor or business school admissions, you need to leave the right impression if you wish to get admitted. What to wear, how to act, and what to say; successful interviews take some practice and preparation.

If an admissions video is part of your MBA application, we can help prepare you for that too.

Your MBA program ranking will affect the types of professional opportunities available to you after you graduate so do not take anything for granted.

Choosing us

When evaluating your application, business schools will consider how their MBA program will build on your past experience and prepare you to achieve your future goals. They want to know about your character, learn about your academic preparation and professional experiences and see evidence of leadership when deciding whether or not you will fit with an incoming class.

We apply more than 15 years of experience to give your application a competitive edge over other MBA applicants by transforming your MBA essays and interview skills from good to great!

We cannot guarantee admissions to any particular MBA program. We can guarantee that we will make you shine and help get you admitted to the best business school possible.




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Working with us

We work closely together with domestic and international MBA candidates who are looking to develop a strategic edge in their MBA application, select business school essay topics, improve the impact of their MBA admissions essays or prepare for that all-important MBA admissions interview with a professor, alumni or admissions officer.

Our work is delivered by email, Skype or by phone. Occasionally we meet MBA applicants who engage us as a premium service. We treat each admissions case with care and consideration for the major impact that a positive admissions outcome will have on your life.    

Apart from your initial contact and introduction, we typically need your CV or resume, your MBA essay drafts and of course payment in advance.