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Full service college essay coaching, college essay editing and college essay proofreading for Personal Statements, Common Application Essays, Supplemental Essays, Recommendation Letters, Follow Up Letters and Admissions Interviews

The Essential
Essay Review

A Good Choice

No editing. Your drafts are complete and need an experienced set of eyes to read them over and feedback about 200 words on your topic and the way you present your ideas.


  • USD 69.00: 650 word Common Application, Personal Statement or Supplemental Essay
  • USD 49.00: Up to 300 word Supplemental Essay

High Impact
  Essay Editing

A Great Choice

High impact editing. We edit for content clarity, impact on the reader, grammar, spelling, sentence flow. Feedback of about 250 words on how to improve your essay. Two edits.


    • USD 275.00: 650 word Common Application, Personal Statement or Supplemental Essay
    • USD 129.00: Up to 300 word Supplemental Essay

 Full Impact
Essay Coaching

Your Best Choice

We start with a discussion and brainstorming session about your experience and essay ideas. Once focused, you write your 650 words Common Application Essay or Personal Statement and submit it to us. We then work our magic until the essay is complete and ready to submit.


    • USD 650.00


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Admissions Interview Warrior

You have aced the essays, now ace that interview.
Interview coaching sessions are offered on Skype and last 70-90 minutes
to practice how to answer potential interview questions.


• USD 199.00 


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Good Strategy Helps
You Get Admitted

Admissions officers read thousands of college admission essays every year. They have probably read your cliché piano lesson essay before. They will definitely cringe if they have to read about how you led your Grade 11 basketball team to victory with 5 seconds left on the clock!

Work with ADDMITTO and avoid the 'no' pile. We help you to develop a college  admissions strategy that lets you tell your unique story and shows all sides of your character and experience in your college entrance essays.

College Admissions Essay
Coaching & Editing

Gain a significant advantage over other applicants with our college admissions essay coaching, editing and proofreading services. Transform your academic achievements and extracurricular experiences into structured college admissions essays that will leave a solid impact on the reader. 

Work with us to develop powerful application essays that get you admitted to the best Common Application and non-Common Application schools. We help you to discuss both what you have done and how it has changed who you are.


Prepare to Ace Your College
Admission Interview

Make sure that you look as good in person as you do on paper. No matter your interview is with alumni or admissions, you need to leave the right impression if you wish to get admitted. What to wear, how to act and what to say; successful interviews take some practice and preparation.

Learn how to answer the interview questions in a way that shows the interviewer that you are confident and know why you should be admitted to their school. If an admissions video is part of your college application, we can help prepare you for that too.

Your grades and test scores are fixed. The only part of the application that you still control is your college entrance essays.

Choosing us

All students in a college application pool will have a GPA and test scores that are about the same or better than yours. That leaves college admissions essays and interviews as the deciding factor between those who get admitted and those who get deferred, waitlisted or outright rejected.

We apply more than 15 years of college admissions experience to give you a decisive edge over other applicants by transforming your college essays and interview skills from good to great! 

We do not write essays for students. We cannot guarantee admission to any particular school. We do guarantee that we will make you shine and that you will get admitted to the best school possible!   




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Working with us

We work closely with domestic and international college applicants who are looking to develop a strategy for their college application, find suitable college entrance essay topics, improve the impact of their college entrance essays or prepare for that important admissions interview.

Our work is delivered by email, Skype or by phone. Occasionally we meet students who engage us as a premium service. We treat each case with care and consideration for the major impact that an admission outcome will have on your life.    

Apart from your initial contact and introduction, we typically need your activity sheet or resume, your essay drafts and of course payment in advance.