The TDI Method

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Use our proprietary TDI Essay Method to write effective and impactful Common Application main essays that tell admssions what they really want to know. TDI will help you draft an application essay that get to the point and provide information about you that leave the right impression on admissions.

TDI: Topic, Details, Impact 
Use TDI to map out your essay outline before you start to write. This helps you organize and structure your information, get to the point quickly and hook the reader so that you can reveal important details about yourself in the most impactful way possible.

  • Topic: What do you wish to write about?
  • Details: What important details do you wish to tell the reader?
  • Impact: What impact do I want to leave on the reader?

Abandon Your Creative Writing Style
Most applicants write Common Application essays using the creative writing style they learn in English classes. Here are some reasons why that style is not best suited for an application essay:

  • For one, admissions people are busy people, so reading through a lot of creative prose to find out what your point is can feel frustrating. Keeping the reader engaged in the details of your story throughout the essay is critical to a successful admission outcome.
  • The creative style uses up a lot of words on creativity that would be better used telling your story more effectively. Overly long introductory paragraphs or creative essay hooks watse words that are better used to let the reader know important details about you.
  • Creative writing essays follow a familiar pattern that most applicants use, so writing in that same style will make it harder for your essay to stand out and get noticed by admissions. Standing out is important, and so is impacting the reader. TDI Helps you to do that. 

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Following the TDI essay method is easy and will quickly help you create an essay outline with information that is important and relevant. Learning Module 4 is filled with examples of how to structure an essay using TDI and our EssayVault is loaded with easy to follow TDI essay examples.